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FMC-VE alarm


Help to all bed wetters!
The FERMI alarm unit, which is battery powered, is distinctive in that it wakes up the user after the first few drops of urine on the FERMI Sheet so that the final emptying of the bladder may be conducted on the toilet.
The FERMI alarm unit responds to very small amounts of urine, but has a built-in threshold circuit that prevents unwanted alarms due to sweating, which ensures a fast treatment result.
The supplied FERMI Sheet is put on the middle of the users bed, under a tight draw sheet, and connected to the FERMI alarm unit.
It's that simple!
The FERMI Sheet is a cotton sheet with sewn in electrode wire. The FERMI Sheet does not contain sweat reflective elements such as aluminum foil or plastic, which ensures the patient a high level of comfort. The sheets can be gently washed.
The results so far have shown that most users are cured after approximately 4 to 6 weeks of treatment. It is advisable, however, on grounds of "relapse" to continue treatment for at least 8 to 12 weeks.
Facts about the Fermi alarm unit:
· Patent pending
· Built-in threshold value circuit which prevents unwanted alarms due to sweating.
· Inter Mite Rendering alarm tone
· high sound
· Very low power consumption
· Long-life battery
· high quality
· 2 year warranty
The FERMI alarm unit is recommended by doctors and public health offices.

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