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No medicine

Do not medicate your child or yourself.
Until a few years ago, medicine was the only known remedy for nocturnal enuresis.
In some cases the medical treatment helps, however most patients have to live with the problem for a very long time.
Therefore, many companys have worked intensively on the manufacture of equipment that during the bed wetting awakens the patient. The goal is - as in the medical treatment - to cure the mentally stressful abnormality as rapidly as possible.
Unfortunately, the prior treatments and equipment have not lived up to the purpose. The medicine helps some but not at all enough patients. And many technical apparatuses have been impractical and has had too many false alarms.
Fermi Medical (1), have after lengthy investigations, in collaboration with practitioners, developed The FERMI unit, which has a very high healing effect.
(1): Fermi Medical, founded and run by electronics engineer Verner Fermi-Erichsen, until the spring of 2014.

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